Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Makings Of My Kitchen Life

It all begins with children, who demand to be fed. A simple thing,
if you know how to cook. As a newly married mother of one child,
baking was my forte (I'll get back to that in another post).
Cooking meals was mmm, my mom's job.

I was now The Mom.

My first dish, because it was served on a plate, not that it was a
gastronomic delight or anything worth mentioning, consisted of a can
of mixed vegetables, two bullion cubes to make a gravy, a half of a
pound of hamburger, and rice, which I prepared twice. The first round
of rice we do not speak of, giggle about, or refer to around family gatherings.

What is worth mentioning, is how my kitchen life grew and my ability
to cook, as I was blessed with four children, who though now
all grown and in their own kitchens, still text me via their cell phones,
"Whacha' makin' for dinner Mom?"


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